Importance of skillful communication and professional grooming

Skillful communication

“If all my possessions were taken from me with one exception, I would hope to keep my power of communication — for by it I would regain all the rest.” Woody Allen

Professional grooming helps us in conducting ourselves professionally in a workspace. Communication skills act a major role in this. Gone are the days, when communication skills were limited to just conveying our thoughts and opinions. Today, they stand more important than the opinions themselves. They define the class, standard and status of a person. Professional grooming includes how we dress up, how we carry ourselves, how we speak around other people. Hence, it has become very important not just to learn but also to sharpen professional skills and personal grooming skills to stand out from the crowd. One can learn these skills from online English classes, personality development classes or professional grooming courses. They play a major impact in our life, especially on a professional front. 

Impacts your thought process:

How one conducts, majorly formulates the way one thinks. It helps one to believe in oneself and thereby affects the entire mentality and thought process. This mentality helps them to perform effectively in their field. It allows thinking clearly, critically and smartly which then helps in conducting ourselves likewise. 

Grooms your professional behaviour:

It majorly shapes your behaviour. It helps in professionally conducting ourselves in a professional space. It helps in setting professional boundaries for us and others. It then reflects in the mannerisms, gait and even the speech. It transforms one’s behaviour towards people and situations making it more positive and effective to work.

Behaving professionally in your working environment enhances your personality and differentiates it from the crowd. Greeting people with a smile, respecting your colleagues, not invading their private space like not peeping in other’s laptop/phone are few important bullets to keep in mind. It is important to maintain the decorum of the working environment and treat your fellow workers as your colleagues and not friends. 

Expressing Effectively: Communication skills not just help in communicating with others but also play a role in expressing our thoughts and opinions in defined manners and ways. On a professional front, it helps in keeping our thoughts elaborately and clearly in a polite yet assertive tone. They play a major role in the healthy exchange of each other’s views.

Makes you an excellent problem solver:

It helps in developing a habit of analysing the problems, thinking over them and finding solutions to them. It reflects a sense of pride and professionalism, often exceeding expectations. It develops managing and coping skills to tackle setbacks and challenges with a positive and constructive attitude. It thus transforms you into an excellent problem solver.

Power to Influence:

A great personality always attracts attention. Whether or not you are in a working space, a groomed personality never fails to assert its existence. It brings in a sense of power and authority along. A charismatic persona demands and compels one to devote their time to them. They develop the power to influence people.

Gaining Respect:

A professionally groomed individual is always taken seriously in a professional environment. People tend to respect and look up to people who can conduct themselves according to the environment. It makes you stand out of the crowd and sometimes also to lead one. Being accountable for your work and actions while behaving ethically at all times, makes sure that you are heard and considered.

Imbibing self-confidence: 

Schools and colleges teach you the skills to land you a good job but these skills help you survive the job. Personality grooming helps to instil confidence in a person. It teaches them the appropriate mannerisms in conducting themselves. It helps in subsiding low-esteem and insecurities with assurance and confidence. Gradually you are motivated to participate in activities and projects. It strengthens and firms your belief in yourself. 

Build your own network:

Effective communication skills strengthen the bond among individuals. It is also said to improve interpersonal relationships with other people. One’s personality attracts people who want to befriend you or idolize you. These skills help you in approaching, interacting and bonding with other people especially your colleagues. A strong network helps in unexpected ways in various spheres of life. These skills are a ticket to gel with people, gain their trust and maintain a strong network.

Being productive: 

These skills instil a sense of managing and prioritizing the work. It makes you use your time productively and efficiently at work. It drives you to focus on your job responsibilities rather than getting distracted by distractions. It helps in maintaining healthy working habits by planning and managing your jobs. 

Better possibilities and growth: 

A person with better communication skills is more likely to perform better in his career than a person who is not. One needs these skills to present his/her work, communicate, express and also represent his organisation. The better you are at speaking and addressing, the better you are appreciated by the people. Corporate grooming, presentation skills and professional grooming help you climb the ladder of success swiftly and quickly.

Body language:

These skills help in improving your body language. The confidence and influence of the personality get reflected in the body language of the person. They walk with power. Sitting straight and not slouching, maintaining the working etiquettes and owning your space and time are all reflected through your body language via a strong personality.

Our characteristics, style, behaviour, mindset, attitude and communication play an important role in shaping and defining our persona. Our personality does talking much before we do. Grooming and improving these skills can help in kick-starting and boosting one’s career. These skills help us to easily tackle so many situations in our personal and professional lives.


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