Personalised program foR IELTS/PTE

  • 1 on 1 Session
  • 40+ LIVE Sessions
  • 15 – 20 Years of experienced faculty


ENGEAR helped me enormously in clearing interview rounds through their curriculum which encapsulates strategies at various levels and mock ups which instil experiential learning and above all the experience of faculty members acted as boon! They guided me through various rounds of interviews and I eventually landed and got my new job!
Thankyou Team ENGEAR for your support!

Product Manager

I was with this program for the last 3 months. I could observe some amazing improvement in my interpersonal skills. They worked on my body language and the basics of non-verbal skills. They not just corrected me but also helped me understand and improve. I have thoroughly enjoyed the learning process and the programs it offered like public speaking, presentation skills and extempore skills.

Assistant Vice President

I thought learning English was very difficult and it would require several years of hard-work but immediately after joining ENGEAR, I wondered how it would be possible to speak English confidently in a short period of three months. I had so much of fear and hesitation to speak in front of public. The systematic classes helped me in strengthening my hidden talents. I enjoyed every moment of this course.

Sharepoint Consultant

Learning becomes easier when you have right mentor and I am glad that I found ENGEAR, to help me to understand not only grammar but the correct usage of vocabulary for my IELTS preparation.


Course Material. Teaching Skills and Sound Exercises are incredible. I was benefited a lot in a short span of time and recommend to everyone.

Director, Sh Jagannath Charitable Cancer Hospital

It’s a great course and got opportunities to speak more with examples which helps me shape my communication and style of speech . Its a wonderful practical course both personally and professionally.

Senior Manager

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    Why choose ENGEAR?

    6 reasons to know why ENGEAR is the most preferred program for Working Professionals!

    Live & 1-1 Sessions | Individualistic Learning Approach

    One of the key binding agents to help you raise your communication acumen is “Engagement & Involvement” and there is no substitute for it! Hence at ENGEAR we give Personalised One – on – One session.

    Pre-onboarding Assessment – Intellescope

    Your problems are as unique as YOU! No curriculum could understand you till it is mapped with your proficiency level. Each time a new learner is onboarded we offer a great set of “Personalisation Assessment Tools” to help build a complete Persona of the person to help curate a curriculum which is effective to the tee!

    Learn from Professional Leaders not from Teachers! – Experienced Faculty!

    Only a professional would be better off in helping to curate realistic role plays where proficiencies are gauged and an appropriate reflective experience is created to bring the impact. Language expression constitutes only 30-40% of the overall impact one is looking for!

    Experiential Learning Curriculum| Working Professional only

    Skill based learning like Corporate Communication is an outcome of Consistency and Experience of things from Live Sessions. Only if there is a change which one could perceive can be manifested in the process of learning.

    Personalised Support – Interviews, ppt, reviews, meetings

    While you are giving the interview it may be experienced as something you have performed multiple time in the sessions already and a thorough preparation with a Winning Strategy helps you to gain Advantage and Edge of performing Real Time which does guarantee success in scenarios such as Interviews, Presentation, Reviews and Meetings.

    Emphasis on Sounds & Pronunciation – Extended Curriculum – Explain Cog Ab

    Sound and Pronunciation is like your attire only when you are dressed professionally other would form better perception of you! Hence a global accent and conversations with Voice Modulation and Intonations are always preferred over others!

    ✨ Accelerate your communication skills with the most exhaustive & hands-on program

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    Enhance Your Corporate Communication Skills

    You get access to:

    • 40+ hours of live learning and mentorship from experts.
    • One-on-one exclusive expert sessions with personalised modules.
    • Recorded sessions with chat facility over WhatsApp.
    • Strategies to overcome Fear around Corporate Communication.
    • Helping to Ideate through frameworks for Cognitive Ability.
    • Exclusively Curated & Personalised roleplays to overcome fluency.
    • Live Sessions to build familiarity with different Genre & Formats.
    • Framework for Negotiation, Persuasion and Convincing Skills
    • Emphasis on Email Writing and Presentation through Experiential Learning.
    • Exhaustive Interview Preparation Module with Sequential Analysis of multiple rounds to form a Winning Strategy
    • Online access to complete set of modules and Audio-Visual tools.

    Course Fees

    15 Weeks Flagship Program ₹ 14,000/-
    Registration Fees ₹ 2,000/-
    Total ₹ 16000/-

    For International Candidates USD 400


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    Meet Your Instructors & Mentors

    A highly curated pool of talented trainers. Each of our mentors has atleast 7 years of experience.

    Anubhav Srivastava

    Innovative thinker, Digital Advertising, Brand Strategy, Sales & Marketing professional with over 15+ years of experience. Potential to develop and raise online businesses from the birth stage. Hands on experience with brands like GSK, Nestle & Philips for Digital Advertising & RNW.

    Experience in sales, search marketing, social media ecosystem, mobile advertising and having insightful understanding of online and offline consumer behaviour by analytics driven insights. Disciplined project leadership and management in crafting new opportunities from multiple start points.

    Mridula Singh

    Passionate educator, Brand strategy, Capable enough of incorporating a sense of self -reliance in a shorter span of time that in turn helps the learner to talk about the things in the most confident manner, which has been attained over years of experience.

    Potential of recognizing the psychological blocks in learners which hinders their development, true believer of devising new approaches with a futuristic approach and a philanthropist having disciplined facilitation.

    Ramya Subramani

    Knowledgeable Soft Skills Trainer has a sound understanding of needed traits for workplace success, has extensive experience with making presentations, giving assessments, and identifying soft skills training needs and 5 years of experience working as a soft skills trainer.


    Strong knowledge of soft skills affecting the overall functioning of various industries

    Excellent evaluative assessment and training skills

    Good verbal and written communication skills

    Good interpersonal abilities

    In-depth knowledge of Emotional Quotient as related to organizations

    Sound knowledge of appropriate soft skills

    Excellent ability to help workers in many industries improve upon skills

    Sinchana S

    An experienced and knowledgeable trainer with years of experience. Passionate about helping others reach their full potential. With a dynamic and engaging approach, creating an interactive and collaborative learning environment that inspires and motivates trainees, adaptability and versatility allow to tailor my training methods to meet the unique needs of each individual or group I work with. Professional and organized approach, results-oriented.

    Experience in Corporate training and transformation, Banking and finance sector trainings, Soft skill and communication trainings.
    Approachable and supportive, individuals and organizations can expect a transformative learning experience that equips them with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed.

    Sanchya Makhija

    A certified professional in Communication skills. I am specialized in teaching Communication & Personality Development. I have a combined teaching experience of over 3 years now.

    Teaching has always been my passion. I have a keen interest in English language. I believe that every learner is capable of learning and growing. Establishing an environment that is engaging is my motto.

    Sumbul Abdi

    I am a teacher and trainer who genuinely enjoys sharing my knowledge while also being open to learning from the people I meet.

    Currently working as an English communication trainer at Engear with years of experience in the field of education industry . I have taught general, business and academic English to students of different ages in mono- and bi-lingual classes.

    Every time I am learning something new about my students and my teaching.

    ✨ Learn from Communication Experts, who have been there and done that.

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    Flagship Programs

    Flagship Program

    For a working professional the vital role is played through experiential learning. Learning through the process of Conscious to Unconscious is the best way by which one will remember things for long! The ideology is to transform such experiences into stepping stones of learning Communication skills, which is clubbed with audio-visual techniques.

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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    1) What do you mean by the word ENGEAR?

    ENGEAR means English with Ears. Individuals usually focus on only writing and speaking but listening is an important aspect while learning a language. We help you in practice speaking and using the language in real-life situations to reinforce your learning. Combining auditory learning with other methods like reading and writing can provide a well-rounded language learning experience. Always remember that learning a language takes time and patience. Don’t get discouraged if you can’t understand everything at first. Keep practicing, and over time, your skills will improve.

    2) What can I do about my stage fright during public speaking?

    You can overcome from stage fright during public speaking by working on positive data patterns. When our mind has numerous positive data patterns, it provides outcomes such as confidence. People usually focus on becoming confident but it can only happen when you expose yourself to positive experiences.

    3) What are the different Fee Structure and the Program?

    We have four major programs as mentioned below:
    • Oral Fluency – Duration 3 months – INR 5999/-
    • Building conversations- Duration 3 months – INR 8999/-
    • Corporate Mentorship – Duration 2 months – INR 15999/-
    • Corporate Communication – Duration 3 months – INR 15999/-

    4) Is there any discount in the above Fee Structure?

    Yes, the discounts can be discussed with our sales representative.

    5) Are the trainer’s qualified and certified to train?

    All our trainers are highly qualified and have experience of at least 8-10 years.

    6) How is your curriculum different from others?

    Our curriculum emphasizes on Individualistic learning approach, experiential learning & reflection and journey of conscious to unconscious competence. Under ‘individualistic learning approach’ we place the learner at the center of their education. This approach is particularly well-suited for adults, as it empowers them to learn and adapt to new challenges and opportunities throughout their lives.

    Experiential learning emphasizes learning through direct experience and reflection. This method encourages learners to engage in activities, make observations, analyze their experiences, and derive meaning from those experiences. Reflection is a crucial component as it enables learners to process, understand, and apply the knowledge gained from their experiences. It engages learners actively, promote critical thinking, and lead to lasting understanding and skill development.

    We also lead the learner through the journey of conscious to unconscious competence i.e., the stage where knowledge has become so ingrained that it can be performed almost automatically, without conscious thought.

    7) What is Orientation & Intellescope?le

    Orientation is a welcoming introduction and familiarizing you to the platform of ENGEAR, often including a warm greeting to help you feel comfortable and included. It is a crucial step to help you understand about our organization, its mission, values, policies, and procedures. The next step after orientation is ‘Intelloscope test’, which helps us to assess and evaluate the individuals on the basis on three categories, which further helps us to customise teaching process as per the individual’s requirements.

    8) What is the use of Intelloscope test and how it is useful?

    ‘Intelloscope test’ helps us to assess and evaluate you on the basis on three categories- on the basis of Personality, Communication skills and Visualization, which further helps us to customise teaching process as per your requirements.

    9) Can I pay the fee after a month or when I complete the course?

    Our fee structure is charged in three installments. This is performed only to assure that you pay us in three installments and not in one go, which provides you the opportunity to understand whether the curriculum and teaching methods seems appropriate to you. Therefore, we charge you in advance and in installments.

    10) Can I get something in black & white on my email ID?

    Yes, we provide access to modules and other teaching materials till the time you are enrolled with ENGEAR.

    11) How can I pay without having trust as there are so many frauds in the market?

    We are registered firm and have various online properties such as google business listing, website, reviews & testimonials as well as a physical office. Also, we charge only INR 2000 as a registration amount which is too less of amount to engage into a fraud.

    12) How my timings and schedule of the classes are decided?

    The timings and schedule of your classes would be based on yours and trainer’s availability. Our purpose is to provide you classes as per your preference of time and days.

    13) Which trainer would I be getting? Will the trainer be changed if I am not satisfied?

    You would be allotted a trainer as per your skills and abilities after the ‘Intelloscope test’ but if found unsatisfactory, we would provide you another trainer during the course.

    14) Why sessions are conducted on alternative days and what is the reason behind it?

    We believe that regular sessions lead to ‘too much download of information’ and inadequacy of practice time for the learner. Therefore, we provide classes on alternative days to give adequate time to the learner to practice and pace up with the course.

    15) Do you guys give weekend sessions? Who is going to be my trainer?

    Yes, we do provide with weekend sessions on special request or exceptional case. However, we prefer to provide classes during weekdays (Monday-Saturday).

    16) Can you provide me the same trainer who took my orientation?

    Yes, we can provide you the same trainer after assessing your level of proficiency through the ‘Intelloscope test’.

    17) I am not satisfied with the orientation and still do not have clarity on topics?

    We arrange a demo for 30 minutes after the orientation to provide better clarity on the curriculum and concepts to be taught during the course.

    18) What is the method of teaching?

    We use ‘individualistic approach’ which places the learner at the center of their education. This approach is particularly well-suited for adults, as it empowers them to learn and adapt to new challenges and opportunities throughout their lives.

    19) Do you operate online or offline?

    We prefer online teaching method as it eliminates geographical barriers and allows people to learn from anywhere. Moreover, it offers more flexibility in terms of scheduling and pacing as it allow learners to learn at their own pace, which can be beneficial for those who need more time to grasp concepts. Also, individuals can access materials at their convenience. In addition to this, it is more cost-effective for both us and learners, as it reduces the need for physical facilities and transportation.

    20) How many sessions are there in total?

    We provide total 40 sessions during the course.

    21) How many sessions are there in a month?

    We provide 12-14 sessions per month during the course.

    22) What is the mode of communication and teaching?

    The mode of communication is ‘online’.

    23) How will I be able to learn communication in 3 months?

    We have seen people who are not fluent in communication takes approximates 4-6 weeks of rigorous and consistent practice to gain fluency in the language. Therefore, three months are more than enough for us to ensure that you able to speak a language.

    24) I have been a part of prestigious institutions before yet there are no significant changes? Are you sure you will be able to really help me out?

    We lead you through the journey of conscious to unconscious competence, i.e., the stage where knowledge has become so ingrained that it can be performed almost automatically, without conscious thought. Also, we engage into audio-visual recording every week, which further helps the learner to check his progress every week. This would always help you understand the outcome every week.

    25) How can I be fluent when my base is weak?

    You can become fluent when you will be engaged in Commutative English speaking environment and we will help you to achieve that.

    26) Can I attend the class at the time when I am available or free to take?

    As we do not change the trainer, hence we do not have the opportunity to give you classes at different times. Therefore, the time slot is fixed. We compensate up to 3 classes a month in case you are not available for the class for various reasons.

    27) Will I be attending the class individually or with other learners?

    We believe in Individualistic approach, therefore we recommend individual classes for every learner. We emphasize on each individual which creates more impact than learning with group of learners.

    28) How much will I be able to learn in one hour of a session?

    Every hour session contributes to the weekly outcome we are aiming at. Hence, it’s always the combined effort of trainer and learner which leads to weekly outcome.

    29) What are the requirements if I only want for a written communication or presentation skill?

    We offer separate courses in Writing skills, Public speaking skills, Presentation skills and Extempore. You can choose the course as per your preference and need of an hour. You can visit our courses page to get the detailed information.


    🔥 The most exhaustive & pragmatic program on Corporate Communication.

    Transform yourself as a strong Brand and Build better perception through ENGEAR’s revolutionary leap over the experiential learning! 15 weeks of intensive training in Corporate Communication.

    Week 1 and 2

    Introduction of the essentials required in language comprehension.

    • Learn about the requisites and inclusions needed in basic sentence framework which will help in conveying of content at initial stages with ease.
    • Different exercises will be made practiced to get it implemented in real life which in turn will overcome hesitation.
    • Skills would be fostered in a way that it helps in the analyzation and promptness which is highly demanded when reverting to any response, so as to make sure one’s awareness in respect to the question asked.
    • Cognitive thinking and how to develop word power will be boosted which will provide a vocabulary rich content.
    • Self assessment will be introduced and developed which would help in the overall structure of the content.

    Case studies and examples from

    Week 3 and 4

    Introduction of the other elements obligatory in language comprehension

    • Various other components would be made to implement which in turn would provide an access to talk about the things a little more accurately.
    • Pronunciation techniques will be introduced to make one recognize the difficult vocabulary at first sight.
    • Word Power will be made enhanced by enriching more of it in the bucket list of the learner.
    • Analytical thinking would be practiced via cognitive exercises to gain a better insight into the situations.
    • Introduction to Content alignment will be made in order to make the deliverable more impactful and credible.

    Case studies and examples from

    Week 5, 6 and 7

    Introduction of the soft skills relevant in the communication prospect

    • Some significant topics would be elaborated which will act as nut and bolt rules in the sentence framework.
    • Introduction of soft skills will be done along with the samples so that one can get an insight to the basic concepts of the same.
    • Distinctive vocabularies will be provided which in a way would help in the efficiency of the content.
    • Sounds and Pronunciation would be furnished with the help of exercises which will help in the intonation part while communicating.

    Case studies and examples from

    Week 8 and 9

    Commencement of speaking portion would start having daily basis situations.

    • Variety of real life scenarios would be introduced and discussed to make one familiar with the general conversation ethics.
    • Different samples will be provided and discussed so as to make one understand the basic essence of how to start the conversation and make it worthy.
    • Feedback of the discussions would be provided along with what new can be used, which in turn will help the other to get a better reflection of one’s performance.
    • Vocabulary enrichment would continue to be introduced which in a way would help one in the language consolidation.

    Case studies and examples from

    Week 10 and 11

    Initiation to enhanced version of communication skills would be developed

    • Exercises related to visualization would be introduced and practiced thoroughly to make one swift in thinking then speaking about the event within different prospects.
    • Blend of topics would be provided and discussed so as to make one familiar with different ways of explanation.
    • Vocabulary enrichment will be continued which would help in the expression of the content.
    • Feedback of the discussions would be provided along with certain implications which will help the other in showcasing more perfection in the speech.

    Case studies and examples from

    Week 12 and 13

    Introduction to Presentation skills

    • Introduction to the abstract values of the Presentation would be made so that one is able to speak about the facts in an assertive manner.
    • Guidance would be provided around the structure of the content within the slides.
    • Language comprehension would be made flourished which in turn would help the speaker to mould the information as per the requirement instantly.
    • Different samples would be provided and discussed to get a better essence of the framework.
    • Relevant topics would be given and made practiced along with the provided feedback which will help one in gaining self- confidence.
    • Interpersonal skills would be made developed which in a way would help in credibility attainment.

    Case studies and examples from

    Week 14 and 15

    Introduction to Visualization related skills

    • Technique of communicating the ideas would be developed which would help one in the target language.
    • Sense of evaluation and spontaneity would be practiced with the help of various topics so as to inculcate critical thinking.
    • Pointers will be provided and discussed so as to develop the ability to make one adapt different audiences and situations.

    Case studies and examples from

    ✨ Enhance Your Corporate Communication Skills

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