8 modules



A module structure is especially important in online learning environments, as it provides an aid in the presentation and application of the online teaching and learning process.We design our modules based on the requirement of each learner to ensure learning takes place in structured manner as well as in stipulated time frame.


Know how to introduce yourself professionally with the right attitude.

Tenses & its uses

Logical understanding of concept of time reference with respect to tenses.


Use of noun phrases to show direction, time, place, location, spatial relationships.

Time expressions

Use the time expressions to express things that happen during the day.

Real life scenarios

Communicate fluently with people in real life situations.

Public Speaking

Effectively communicate in English and improve your conversational language skills.


Speak confidently with appropriate rate, projection, movement, and vocal variety.

Individual Presentation

Use of appropriate body movements to present yourself and building confidence.


With us the learning cycle progresses with an assessment. We have a test series in the beginning to judge the competency level of each learner called the “Intelloscope” basis which the groups or batches are formed. Our objective in each of the phases is to streamline the learning outcomes.


Pre-admission Evaluation


Pronunciation and Sounds


Modelling based Approach

About Us
communication skills

I was with this program for the last 3 months. I could observe some amazing improvement in my communication skills. They worked on my sounds, pronunciation and the basics of the grammar. They not just corrected me but also helped me understand and improve. I have thoroughly enjoyed the learning process and the programs it offered like public speaking, presentation skills and extempore skills.

Deepak Garg

Basaweswar- Upcoming travel blogger and vlogger

I joined this program a few months back and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. This program made sure that it corrects my communication skills. They worked on my grammar, sounds and pronunciation. They practised with me and corrected my mistakes. Not just my communication skills, they helped me improve my public and presentation skills and all that in just a span of 3 months. I have recommended it to all my friends and acquaintances.

Upcoming travel blogger and vlogger


Pre-admission evaluation

A detailed approach to test the Intelligence level and not just communication skills of the Leaner. We evaluate and assess you on the basis of 3 categories- cognitive ability, communication skills and personality. This is to assess the intellect and ability of the learner before the program. After assessment, we assign the learner in one of the following 3 groups or categories:



Low Cognitive Ability, Silent Personality & Unresponsive.


Productive learner

Moderate Cognitive Ability, Engaging Personality, & Responsive


Proficient learner

Critical Thinker, Composed Personality, Interactive


Communication | Cognitive Ability | Interpersonal Skills

Evaluation contributes to formulation of objectives, designing of learning experiences and assessment of learner performance. It helps teachers and learners to improve teaching and learning. It also provides valuable feedback on the design and the implementation of the programme. Besides this, it is very useful to bring improvement in teaching and curriculum.



To identify barriers and situations that can inhibit effective communication, we evaluate your active listening, thought process,rate of speech and pronunciation skills.


Cognitive ability

Cognitive ability assessment is designed to estimate learners’ potential to use mental processes to solve problems or to acquire new knowledge.



A proper evaluation of the relationships that exist between individuals can help us understand their dynamics. We assess you on the basis of your attitude, interactivity, engagement and rational approach.