12 Sessions



Master professional communication with us and reduce the potential for misunderstandings to occur in your professional environment. Effective professional communication is an essential tool in achieving productivity and maintaining strong working relationships at all levels of an organisation. Along with other soft skills like critical thinking, good communication is essential to career success.

Public Speaking

How to apply the basic frameworks of the public speaking to communication process.

Individual Presentational

Use appropriate body movements such as hand, eye and posture while presenting yourself.

Presenting Strategy

Learn the best ways to merchandise your strategic thinking.

Presenting data points and figures

Learn to present your work in an accessible and engaging way.

Email Writing

Learn how to write effective, clear and professional emails including important vocabulary.

Interview Skills

Learn how to build a solid foundation to succeed in job interviews & get ultimate calls.

Negotiation Skills

Build negotiation skills & learn how to use & apply negotiation strategies to your life.


Deliver basic and complex arguments clearly with confidence.

Professional Vocabulary

Learn how to improve your conversational language skills.

Professional idioms & phrasal

Learn how many idioms and phrases are used in the professional world every day.

Presenting business plan

Learn key elements to present your business plan in a specific and concise way.

Behavioural Approach

Non-verbal cues to express feelings, needs and thoughts.


We provide professionals with the tools that they need to communicate clearly and effectively. Learn the principles of individual presentation and key to enhance your performance.


Individual Performance


Effective Communication



About Us

I have enrolled on this program and it worked wonders for me. I could notice a considerable difference in my communication skills. They corrected my grammar and practiced my pronunciation every day. I was fascinated by their professional grooming that worked on my presentation and extempore skills. If I am confident speaking in public than ever it’s all because of them.

Assistant Operation Manager

Effective professional communication is critical in today’s world. Most problems in an organization arise as a result of poor communication.


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Individual presentational skills

A detailed approach to test the Intelligence level and not just communication skills of the Leaner. We evaluate and assess you on the basis of 3 categories- cognitive ability, communication skills and personality. This is to assess the intellect and ability of the learner before the program. After assessment, we assign the learner in one of the following 3 groups or categories:


Presenting Strategy

Learn the best ways to merchandise your strategic thinking.


Presenting data points and figures

Learn to present your work in an accessible and engaging way.


Interview skills

Master your interview skills and change the way you prepare for and perform in job interviews.



Build negotiation skills and learn how to use and apply negotiation strategies to your life.


Stage presence | Conferences | Speeches | Panel discussion

Public speaking is a soft skill that requires excellent communication skills, enthusiasm, and the ability to engage with an audience. Public speaking is a great way of building personal development on many levels.


Modelling based Approach

Learn techniques for producing correct vowel sounds with the help of sound training by soft-skills trainers.


Audio-Visual Recording

We record audio-visual sessions as we believe that the camera acts as a public eye, giving you the same experience as if you are standing on the stage and presenting to people.


Public Speaking

Learn how to effectively communicate in English and improve your conversational language skills.