Offline courses- Challenges

Challenges of offline courses

The world has advanced towards technology and we live in an era where information can be acquired from any part of the world, from any place, any time and anybody. Gone are the days where the students had to travel all the way to the classrooms to gain knowledge.

As technology has developed, so has the way we learn new skills. Thanks to the internet, those interested in boosting their knowledge and skills now have a wide range of options open to them.  The pattern of education is changing based on the problems and needs of the learners. Some of them prefer offline courses while others prefer online courses.  With offline learning, participants are required to travel to the training location, typically a lecture hall, college or classroom.


Learners opting offline courses faces numerous challenges, such as:

Travel time consumed & travel cost incurred during commuting by students further increases tuition charges for the student & makes it less economical for them. Much time gets wasted in going to class and coming back.

Wastage of a significant amount of time in tiring traffic in metro cities is a problem both for the tutor as well as for the student.

Inflexible timing

The offline classes have an inflexible time zone. You need to get yourself present within the given time limit. Hence, it is not that comfortable in the case of teachers or students. You need to adjust to the given time table.

Lack of individual attention

It is quite tough to give attention to each and every student at the same time. You will face such a type of problem in offline classes. Teachers won’t be able to solve the problem of all the students.

Students might not find a competitive peer group and hence do not feel motivated enough and get engaged in gossip with each other.

Students who hesitate to ask questions in offline mode can ask questions online without any hesitation.

Wastage of resources

While making notes in notebooks, making assignments, giving exams, etc much paper gets used and wasted which are made-up of trees.

Students cannot attain the class again if they are unable to attend any and have to either leave or cover the topic themselves. If someone is ill or has some other issue in going to class then online classes are a good option as compared to offline. 

Dependent way of learning: It is not an independent way of learning. The students tend to be overly dependent on the teacher for every detail.

Chances for exploring more and finding things out for themselves is limited. The learning usually takes place between confined walls of the classroom. Students would not learn about advanced technology.

Limited availability of quality teachers: A limited number of teachers available in a given locality, area or city can’t be accessible to all the students for offline courses. Lack of teacher training to educationally qualified potential teachers & lack of experienced teachers in a given locality, area further compounds the problem.

Limited availability of different teachers for each subject under one roof & for all classes

Safety & security of students, especially the safety of girl child is an issue of most concern for the parent during the offline course process at home or at the offline center. 


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