The Course of the Pedagogy


Teaching styles and methodologies have a major effect on teaching and learning. They should not be monotonous but creative and engaging with the students in order to help them learn and understand better. Here, at Engear education the course of the pedagogy is fun, engaging, practical and also traditional. It covers all the aspects and touches all the boundaries in an attempt to deliver its best. It does not just help in improving the communication skills and personality of the person but also prepares them for the professional world.

With a mission to create an eco-system that serves everyone who is looking to accomplish better communication and professional grooming and a vision of becoming a support system to all the individuals who are looking to get early-on support to hone their communication and grooming skills, it strives for excellence.

Engear ensures the students and the working professionals get the best in a stipulated time frame with a principled approach and structured curriculum to help them grow at their own pace. Its pedagogy works on the following principles:

·         Deadline oriented: It delivers the training within a stipulated time of 3 months.

·         Innovative technique: It uses various creative methods and story like styles to make the learning fun and informative.

·         Research and Development: The study materials are well researched and developed as per the understanding of each learner.

·         Internationally reached curriculum: The curriculum knows no boundaries, it touches both national and international styles of learning.

·         Holistic Solutions: It tries to reach the core of the problem and provide holistic solutions to them.

·         State of Art teachers: It has professional, well-trained and competent faculty.

Reading, speaking and listening to the language, all three aspects help in learning a language and get a hang of it. However, listening is given more importance in an experimental type of learning. It has shown the results, where listening to English leads to speaking it better more than reading and writing. It provides audio-video recordings in order to track the progress of the learner and can learn for future references.

It’s teaching methodology and technique helps you to drive from conscious competence to unconscious competence. This transition works on 5 the basic aspect of learning:

·         Intellescope test: A detailed approach to test the intelligence level and not the communication skills of the learners. It is a pre-evaluation test to understand the understanding of the learners.

·         Multiple Intelligence: Understanding the dynamics of the theory of multiple intelligence that plays a role in the development of a particular skill or language. It includes cognitive, linguistic and interpersonal skills.

·         Customized Modules: Create custom modules based on the competence level of each learner- derived from intellescope test ranking. It varies from person to person.

·         Cognitive Ability: Build cognitive ability for faster learning through a combination of techniques focused on listening, seeing, writing and speaking.

·         Experimental Learning: Use techniques to enable learners to take up tasks through visualization and task-based action items.

Transforming one’s communication skill has 3 parts and is not limited to English only! It takes multiple intelligence to learn communication, these are:

  • Cognitive ability: It helps in taking up tasks through a better sense of visualisation and then executing them through action items.
  • Linguistic intelligence: These skills help in accumulating wisdom, knowledge and information around the language of English.
  • Interpersonal skills: These skills help in getting the ease and comfort needed to build an attractive personality.

Engear uses different teaching styles and techniques of teaching. It maps the progress of a learner as a Progression Cycle. This cycle categories the learners into:

  • Leaners
  • Productive Learners
  • Proficient Learners

Learners tend to possess low cognitive ability, silent and unresponsive personality. Productive learners have the moderate cognitive ability, engaging and responsive personality and proficient learners tend to be critical thinkers with composed yet interactive personality. Engear aims and helps you become a proficient learner.

Engear not just focuses on the major problem areas but also helps in the miniscule problems. It functions differently and uniquely. The courses it promises are fun and informative. 

  • Pre-admission evaluation
  • Problem areas such as
    • Pronunciations and sounds
    • Sentence Construction
    • Experimental learning
  • Modelling based approach for
    • Public speaking
    • Presentational skills
    • Extempore
  • Professional and Competent faculty
  • Assessment tools to keep measuring the improvements on the go

Engear helps you learn communication skills, professional grooming, public speaking, extempore and overall grooming of the personality.


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