Online Courses- Challenges

online courses challenges

The expansion of the internet and accessibility has led to an increase in the demand for online learning across the world. We all know that online learning is attracting more and more students for better learning experiences. But many of them encounter challenges that can cause hindrance in their learning. The benefits are getting suppressed by the challenges during their learning process.

Many individuals would like to advance their education, but face difficulties in attending traditional programs because of work or family obligations, geographical location or other obstacles. For those students, online programs may be the best or only way to get an education. However, just because you may be able to complete a course without ever leaving your house doesn’t mean that the work is easier or that there won’t be any challenges along the way.


Here are the some major challenges faced during online courses:


Students find it difficult to adapt to an online learning environment immediately after traditional classroom learning. Due to the sudden change, they are not able to adapt to the commuter based learning. Students who have been always studying in the traditional classroom mindset are not able to focus on online platforms. It is important for them to accept the new learning environment with an open mind. 

Technical Issues

Many students are not well equipped with a high internet connection that is required for online learning. Due to this, they face problems in going live for virtual learning and other platforms that require internet connection. They face technical issues as they are not much aware of technology and computer applications. A slow and high internet connection can play an important role in how quickly you can attend the class and do not miss any live sessions. There is a possibility of poor connectivity if you find difficulty in downloading some information related to the subject, blurred videos, etc. 

Computer Knowledge 

Lack of computer education is a major concern in today’s world. There are many students who still cannot operate basic computers with MS word and PowerPoint. And whenever some technical issues emerge, they find it difficult to solve the problem in such a scenario. They face difficulties with live classes, usage of appropriate icons, MS office, communication-related apps and websites, browsing study materials, etc. Sometimes they do not know technology proficiency like login, live classes, creating and submitting work, communicating with teachers and friends. 

Time Management 

In many cases students find difficulty in managing their time with online learning. Online learning is completely new for them and requires intensive work. They need a scheduled planner to manage their time in an effective manner. Online learning provides flexible time unlike traditional classrooms. But some face difficulties in adjusting to the time required for online learning. 

Self Motivation 

Students start losing hope once they find difficulty in online learning. It requires motivation to complete tasks and engage students with their learning. Lack of motivation is a common challenge for all students. 


Learning from home is an amazing experience. You might expect things around you to be like a school campus. But at home things are different for example, you might want a massive classroom, parks, playgrounds, canteens, friends, teachers around you to guide and learn. But with online learning, you have to manage everything in one room with parents around you. You can be easily distracted by small things at home. 


Students lack effective communication skills during online learning. Teachers give assignments for improving reading and writing skills but there is a possibility that they might not be able to write so convincingly that educators understand the concept behind their assignments. There are some students who feel shy to communicate with their teachers and friends due to the new model of learning. It might happen due to lack of interest, poor technological skills with apps and video calls or unable to express themselves via live chats, emails or text messages.

Virtual Engagement

Online classes help teachers to provide reading material, assignments, communication via email, live chats or messages and delivering content by live sessions, presentations, recorded videos or lectures for the students. In spite of all these activities, still some students do not find engaging compared to a traditional one. Students find it difficult to communicate in person who struggles with understanding concepts. Many times these students do not even approach teachers to clear their doubts. 


Every student needs feedback for their performance during the learning process so that they can improve their learning abilities. They are not only observed during the tests or exams but also for each assignment and project. The students hardly visit their assignments to check their suggestions and comments. The feedback model with respect to online will be difficult for them to understand and implement.  

Therefore, online courses have many advantages, but there are pitfalls as well. People who are not self-disciplined will have to work harder to succeed at these courses. While online programs may cost less, students still need to factor in the cost of good computers, fast and reliable Internet service and perhaps even a course in basic computing. Additionally, all online programs are not equal. Students still need to research the programs and the institutions that offer them.


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